The first rule of any successful design enterprise is to find and employ top caliber people. Our founder as well as the other design professionals that we have at our disposal, represents just such a collection talent. Collectively we encompass a wide variety of industry experience. To better appreciate our true engineering capabilities, please refer to our talent directory.


Our founder and president says;

"If we design it - - it works - - and it works right!"

Although simply stated, that really is our company philosophy. This is routinely backed by hard work and commitment on our part to make sure that all design parameters and expectations are met without exception. If the design requirements are not well defined, we will make it our first priority to help define them. An open and interactive relationship with our customers helps to insure that the end results will fill all their needs. By nature, design work is often accompanied by occasionally changing requirements and customer needs. We strive to accommodate and document all such project changes as efforts progress. That way, there are no unpleasant surprises for anyone.