System Integration, Modification & Debug

Electronic system design is usually only the beginning of the engineering process in the real world. Many times the integration of a new product into existing systems or environments can be a challenge in itself. Interfaces are not what they were supposed to be. Environments are different than those anticipated. Or perhaps, the users want features that were not originally identified or planned for. This is when the "iterative" nature of system design becomes apparent. The rapidly changing world of electronics technology only amplifies the need for rapid response and continuous adaptations. With our considerable experience in a wide variety of engineering disciplines, we can help with any on-going system level changes that you may require.


  • System Integration
    Whether the problem is as simple as an electrical interface that isn't quite what it should be, or as complex as data throughput incompatibilities between subsystem functions, it is still a problem. The variety and nature system integration issues are as large as the world itself. The solutions are just as varied, and can require a wide range of talent to unravel.
  • Design Modification
    The answer to system integration problems is often the modification of an existing component or design. Many times the modification of existing designs can be more challenging than producing new designs from scratch. This is simply because the constraints are usually more severe. Component availability, ease of implementation, down time, cost limitations, and personnel limitations can dictate the nature of modifications rather than just the correct "technical" solution. Creativity and experience can be your best allies.
  • System Debug
    When systems are complex, it is not always easy to determine the "root cause" of a problem. Subsystem interactions may mask the true cause, even when it is obvious that something is wrong. Only experience coupled with a systematic approach to troubleshooting can guarantee timely results.