Prototype Fabrication

The job is not usually finished when the design work is complete. Depending on the type of circuitry, a "breadboard" is sometimes required to provide real-world proof that everything works correctly. Additional testing may be necessary to prove out environmental tolerances and worst-case performance limits. Even when there is high confidence in the design's performance, a prototype model is often required to provide insight into manufacturing concerns or user preferences or just to provide that "warm fuzzy" that the design meets all your expectations. Our expertise can provide you with a full range of prototype assembly and checkout services so that your next step only has to be "production".


  • Circuit Fabrication
    Depending on the complexity and materials used, a number of PCB fabrication services can be used to provide prototype quantities in a cost-effective manner. When all goes well, and it usually does, production quantities are a simple next step.
  • Enclosure Design
    Electronic enclosures can be designed using commercially available, off-the-shelf components or may be completely customized in both design and materials. The only constraints are dictated by system usage and cost limitations. [Bullet] Assembly & DebugQuality hand-assembly of fine-pitch SMT circuits is no problem for prototype quantities. A full range of system debug and checkout activities at this level insures no surprises later on. Familiarity with mass-production manufacturing techniques, however, allows process compatibility to be designed in from the beginning.
  • Test & Verification
    A full range of prototype testing and verification can be performed to insure that a design meets all performance and environmental requirements. Also, with production in mind, familiarity with ATE techniques and methods such as JTAG (boundary scan) allows the most complex of designs to be migrated to production without concern.