We can provide a complete range of electronic design services that extend from initial system level definition, down to the most detailed level of circuit, FPGA, and printed circuit design. As the hardware is completed we can also provide any necessary level of software support from custom device drivers to end user application development. If your system is "finished" but just not working the way you want, we can also provide you with experienced system modification and debug support. No matter what phase of electronic design you find yourself facing, we can help fill the gap in your team.

Those initial steps of determining system requirements, functionality and interfaces to the rest of the world can be most elusive. When the paper is blank and the sky is the limit, it is critical to get started in the right direction.

The next step involves turning a system concept into real hardware and software that works. This can encompass both digital and analog technologies and must be closely coupled with mechanical and environmental constraints in order to be successful.

As circuit complexities increase seemingly without bound, it has become common place to put more and more functionality in a single "chip". The diversity and benefits of programmable logic can easily make an otherwise impossible task more manageable.

Then as with any well-tuned orchestra, there needs to be a conductor. Seamless integration of hardware and software functions is key to optimal system performance.

Now that the functionality is defined, its time to turn a design into real world hardware and interconnects. This is where functional performance meets environmental constraints and design becomes a reality.

Time to roll up the sleeves and implement the hardware. Practicality combined with experience can be the key to a smooth path to a working design.

Finally when the world doesn't work as planned or things go wrong, it becomes necessary to back up a step or two and adapt. This is when experience and know-how can avert major headaches and get you to where you want to be.